Alexa C. ★★★★★

Working and learning from Ann has changed our lives for the better. The process, from start to finish, was integrated, holistic, pragmatic, and thoughtful. We went from feeling stressed and anxious around our belongings to content, at peace, and confident in our ability to make decisions for our family. Our home is now organized, and we understand the system that got us there, which we can turn to for years and years to come. Hiring Ann was one of the best investments we've ever made as a couple, and we're so grateful for her patience, generosity, kindness, and wisdom!

Mia Z. ★★★★★

Ann completely transformed our home and truly simplified our lives. Ann is more than a home organizer. She also acts as a mentor and gives great interior design advice to her clients. She provided guidance on everything from moving furniture to showing us how to reuse and display things we loved in a purposeful way so they aren't just taking up space. She also gave incredibly thoughtful, stylish, and affordable product recommendations (she found us everything from closet and cabinet organizers to the perfect desk).

Ann focused on equipping us with tools in addition to giving tactical advice. She taught us techniques for organizing effectively and even taught us games to engage our toddlers in tidying their own things. Our home still looks (months later) just like it did in our final session with Ann. I truly can’t recommend Ann highly enough. 

Tina S. ★★★★★

I really can't put into words how amazing Ann is, but I will try. First, working with her has completely changed my life in every way. Not only did we get every single part of my house organized and filled with Joy, but she has also become my life coach. I have lost 25 lbs and exercise daily due to her motivation, encouragement, and a bit of tough love.

When I first saw Ann's post on Instagram, it was about Parenting. Then I found out that she's a Parenting coach and a KonMari expert. She made it very easy for me to start working with her immediately. I was struggling greatly in both areas.

My house, in my opinion, was very unorganized! I realized that to start feeling better and happy. I needed to get our house decluttered and only keep what brings me joy, which is exactly what we did! I was surprised at how well it worked, considering we live across the country. Ann noticed everything, even on Zoom. And working with her, there was literally no stone unturned. She also gave me tons of advice on the decor of my house, which was super helpful. I could go on and on, but really Ann is one of the most amazing, generous, caring, and thoughtful people I've ever known.

I will be forever grateful if I get a chance to work with her to transform my home and myself. Also, working with Ann has helped me be a better mom to my 12-year-old and a better wife.

Michael S. ★★★★★

For years, my wife and I bought things. For years, we believed that tidying meant hiding things behind cabinet and closet doors, in drawers and shelves, and under beds and sofas. But there's always a breaking point—ours was called quarantine. Impounded at home night and day, we came to realize just how much of a mess our "tidy" Brooklyn apartment was: a Tetris game of jamming fresh towels in between bags of dog food, photo albums, and a box of unidentified wires.

Looking back, our home was weeks away from bursting at the seams—and our minds along with it—had we not met Ann. Over three months, Ann helped us to reorganize our home from the ground up. Her kindness, thoughtfulness, and patience never wavered over the many weekends we spent over Zoom, brainstorming how to best utilize a storage space or reflecting on clothes that no longer brought us joy. As a committed KonMari Method consultant, she channeled Marie Kondo's best qualities, guiding us to reimagine our home as a space to facilitate our ideal lives. She is an organization expert, problem solver, and accountability partner rolled into one.

What began as a deep frustration with our junk evolved into a deeply transformational journey that allowed us to give up what we no longer needed and celebrate what we already had. And though she never stepped foot in our home once because of COVID-19 precautions, Ann had perfect recall of our space and the configuration of the objects inside of it. That meant she was always ready to push us with questions. Why did you want to keep something? What did it mean to you? When was the last time you truly used it? From toothbrushes to television sets, she coached us to become intentional with each and every item in our home.

Your home should not bring up feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, or chaos—but I suspect it does for many. As with any problem, the first step is acceptance. If this is the hole you've found yourself in, we wholeheartedly recommend Simple Joy with Ann.

Welcome to Simple Joy with Ann, your trusted home organization partner. Ann Dooley, a certified KonMari consultant, and master-level certified home organizer trained by Marie Kondo, offers personalized decluttering services that spark joy and bring order to your home. I specialize in respectful, mindful, and conscious parenting. I work with families with young children. If you are looking for a home organizer in Lower Manhattan, midtown Manhattan, DUMBO Brooklyn, Downtown Brooklyn, and Cobble Hill, I'm your expert home organizer. Whether in person or virtually, I use the Dooley Method to help overwhelmed parents simplify their homes, strengthen connections, and create a peaceful, clutter-free living environment. Contact me today to experience the life-changing magic of tidying up! If you are looking for a home organizer in new york or a professional home organizer in Brooklyn, or if you are looking for a KonMari consultant to help you with tidying up and decluttering, look no further.