Hi, I'm Ann Dooley!

As a once overwhelmed mom, I deeply empathize with the challenges of balancing parenthood amidst clutter. I used to live in a constant cycle of reorganizing our family's mess, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. I resorted to yelling, bribing my kids, and blaming them for my own feelings of inadequacy as a parent. These reactive responses left me stuck and ashamed.

Growing up in a cluttered home, I witnessed how it impacted my parents' relationship and influenced their parenting. It made me realize my lack of skills in creating an organized and nurturing environment for my family. I noticed a similar pattern in hiding physical clutter and my emotions of guilt, fear, and shame. This realization prompted a desire for change.

Discovering the life-changing KonMari Method® became a pivotal moment for my family. Organizing our cherished belongings and gratefully letting go transformed our home to support our desired life. Combined with positive parenting principles, previously inaccessible due to the overwhelm, I gained the mental space to be fully present for my children. Our family grew closer, inspiring me to become a home organizer specializing in working with families.

As a passionate advocate for families, I developed the Dooley Method™, integrating positive parenting principles and effective home-organizing strategies. Guiding families in overcoming clutter and parenting challenges, the Dooley Method™ has proven successful in fostering creativity, calmness, and cooperation, nurturing an environment that promotes growth, happiness, and lasting connections at home.

Since founding Simple Joy with Ann in 2017 and becoming a certified parenting coach and Master Level KonMari consultant, I've had the honor of assisting clients worldwide, spanning ages from 3 to 91. Witnessing families unite, live their values, and support each other authentically in joy-filled homes has been truly rewarding.

If you're overwhelmed and frustrated by clutter, please know you're not alone—I'm here to help. Having personally journeyed through the challenges, I am committed to supporting your family in achieving transformative results. It would be my honor to be a part of your journey.



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Welcome to Simple Joy with Ann, your trusted home organization partner. Ann Dooley, a certified KonMari consultant, and master-level certified home organizer trained by Marie Kondo, offers personalized decluttering services that spark joy and bring order to your home. I specialize in respectful, mindful, and conscious parenting, and I work with families with young children in Manhattan New York, and Brooklyn, including DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn, and Cobble Hill. Whether in person or virtually, I use the Dooley Method to help overwhelmed parents simplify their homes, strengthen connections, and create a peaceful, clutter-free living environment. Contact me today to experience the life-changing magic of tidying up! If you are looking for a home organizer in new york or a professional home organizer in Brooklyn, or if you are looking for a KonMari consultant to help you with tidying up and decluttering, look no further.